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​​​​​​The Village Market has grown to offer a variety of inventory built on customer demand and an explosion of new health trends.

Our department managers have access to
over 200 suppliers, including local vendors, keeping our inventory specialized and continuously updated. This allows for unique and trending products at affordable prices.

The Village Market caters to all types of diets including KetoPaleo, Mediterranean, Gluten-free, Vegan and Vegetarian.

100% Certified Organic Produce

that is sourced locally whenever possible.

We have strict standards excluding inventory that may contain high fructose corn syrup, hydrogenated oils, MSG, sodium nitrates, preservatives, hormones, antibiotics or GMOs.

Our supplement companies are carefully chosen to be reputable with a 100% guarantee on quality of ingredients.

Our expanded personal care department includes a large selection of essential oils and aromatherapy accessories.

Our focus is to stock whatever is in demand, such as a growing selection of CBD and keto products.

Our kitchen staff is creative and listens to our customers, providing Grab N’ Go foods including salads, sandwiches, bakery items, smoothies and hot soup made with organic and other quality ingredients.

Village Market Specialty Foods provisions a diversity of beneficial fare to meet the diverse needs of the community! 

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We feature vitamins, probiotics, supplements and natural remedies; groceries (including many gluten free and ethically traded options); bulk pantry items, teas, herbs, and spices; organic produce and dairy; sustainably raised eggs and meat; and natural body care products including mineral makeup. During spring we offer compost, seeds, and plants from nearby farms.

Check out our Local Page to see all the Wisconsin producers we support!