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Pranarom's classic Stress Recovery wellness formula enhanced with Cannabidiol and Hemp Seed Oil to calm tense emotions and restore peace of mind. Easy to use and great for on-the-go, simply roll Stress Recovery Ultra directly onto pulse points or tense muscles. To support the body’s resistance to fatigue, massage into the middle of your back.

UPC: 658010127585

Roll directly onto affected area and allow oils to penetrate deeply into skin; do not dilute or apply directly to broken skin

Hemp Seed Oil (Cannabis sativa)*, Lavender Essential Oil (Lavandula angustifolia)*, Bergamot Essential Oil (Citrus aurantium bergamia)*, Clary Sage Essential Oil (Salvia sclarea)*, Sweet Marjoram (Origanum majorana)*, Rose Geranium Essential Oil (Pelargonium graveolens)*, Hemp (aerial parts) CBD extract, Tocopherol (Natural Vitamin E). *Certified Organic
CBD (or Cannabidiol) is a natural compound found abundantly in the hemp plant. Unlike THC, CBD has no psychoactive side effects and will not get you “high.” Instead, CBD works hand-in-hand with your body’s own endocannabinoid receptors to support overall wellness. More and more clinical research is opening our eyes to the benefits of CBD.
The Endocannabinoid System (ECS) is the largest collection of biological receptors in the human body. Endocannabinoid receptors are found on the surface of various cells throughout our nervous systems, immune systems, and organs. Various studies have shown that the ECS helps regulate biological processes like pain, inflammation, memory, energy metabolism and more. The main goal of the ECS is to help your body maintain homeostasis, or balance.
The Earth

2,000 pounds of lavender flowers = one gallon of lavender oil.

2,000 pounds of oranges = 10 gallons of orange oil.

5.5 million roses = 1 liter of rose oil. (That’s 30 rosebuds in each drop of rose oil.)
With the above numbers in mind, take a moment to consider the land mass represented in our tiny glass bottles. This is one of the reasons we speak so passionately about the importance of organic farming. As we harvest and consume this highly concentrated plant life we need to protect and sustain the source. The practice of organic farming considers our fragile environment and keeps organic plant life in its most natural state, from the farm to your home pharmacy.
We are proud to be certified by ECOCERT ICO, an independent , environmentally conscious, international company that tests everything from the soil to the bottle. We disclose our sources and methods in a world where that kind of information is often concealed – such is the quality of our products. This organic distinction is not only looking out for the planet, it’s also looking out for us. When harvested and produced organically, plants have the ability to play a vital role in our physical well-being.
Potency and Safety

If left to grow organically, plants produce essential oils that have strong anti-microbial properties made by the plants’ immune system to ward off pests, bacteria and viruses. These same essential oils that protect the plant can also be used to make our bodies healthier. For example, we use Lavender because the essential oil contains naturally high levels of linalyl acetate, which kills harmful bacteria and promotes the growth of healthy new cells.
If plants are sprayed with pesticides and herbicides, however, they will not produce the same robust essential oils because these man-made additives are doing the job for them. When it comes time for harvest, you will have a weaker plant that, when distilled, lacks the potent aroma and healing properties of a natural one. Instead you’re left with a conventional oil that’s full of concentrated pesticides and herbicides – one that is flat-out unsafe for ingestion or topical use.
When an essential oil is labeled “organic,” this certification ensures that the plants were farmed, harvested, distilled and distributed according to organic methods. Following organic farming methods ensures that oils are free of pesticides, synthetics and adulterants.
*All essential oils at Veriditas by Pranarom are NOP certified and certified organic through the French certification agency ECOCERT.

Pranarōm is a leader in providing 100% ECOCERT and USDA certified organic, pure and authentic essential oils. How do we choose the best essential oils and hydrosols on the planet? To guarantee Quality Assurance, every organic essential oil we sell goes through rigorous testing including:

Gas Chromatography Testing

Certificate of Analysis


ECOCERT Organic Certification

Education about essential oils is on the rise, and we’re grateful for the enthusiasm our customers are showing in their quest for superior essential oils. There are many elements used to identify quality in essential oils — so many that it may feel overwhelming. Here are a few facts to help you understand our exemplary quality standards:
Certified Organic, artisanal essential oils represent the highest tier of purity and medicinal activity. Only essential oils that are certified organically grown can provide 100% assurance of quality, free of herbicides, pesticides and synthetic adulteration.

The rigors of ECOCERT and USDA certifications assure that each product that we produce is the unadulterated botanical varietal, contains no synthetic additives or preservatives, and has no trace of pesticides or herbicides.

We do not work with essential oil brokers, which is often where adulteration occurs.

In addition to the rigors of organic certification, our close relationships with farmers and distillers worldwide guarantees that the plants are harvested at the peak time of purity and distilled with craftsmanship and care that has been passed down through generations of family owned distilleries.

These guidelines guarantee that our products go above and beyond Certified Organic certification and are truly Therapeutic Grade.
Occasionally we have requests for Gas Chromatography Tests (GC¹s), Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS), or Certificate of Analysis (C of A). These documents are useful in verifying plant species used to make the essential oils, and ensuring authenticity and traceability. However, they do not speak to the true indicator of premium quality: 100% certified organic essential oils grown and distilled at peak times to ensure the desired medical constituents shine through.

Stress Recovery Ultra
TOPICAL — 10ml Roll-On — 150mg CBD per bottle